Muldis Data Systems
Trademark Policy

MULDIS and MULDIS MULTIVERSE OF DISCOURSE are trademarks of Muldis Data Systems, Inc. ( The trademarks apply to computer database software and related services.

The word MULDIS was invented as a new word, through contraction of the quasi-meaningful phrase MULTIVERSE OF DISCOURSE, by Darren Duncan for the express purpose of using that word as a distinguishing brand name for the products and services (and entity name) of Muldis Data Systems. Said products and services are created for the world's betterment by way of the improved means to organize and share trustworthy data that their use enables. Muldis Data Systems is obligated to protect the reputation and identity of its name and works, which should be evoked by the MULDIS brand.

The trademark on MULDIS gives Muldis Data Systems the exclusive right to use the term to promote websites, businesses, products and services (such as the Muldis D language and Muldis::D::RefEng software); however, we (Muldis Data Systems) are happy to give you permission to use the term under many circumstances without the need of any specific permission from us (in addition to what vanilla trademark law allows).

The following is a general policy that tells you when you can refer to the word MULDIS without need of any specific permission from us:

  1. You must make clear that you are not Muldis Data Systems and that you do not represent Muldis Data Systems. A simple or conspicuous disclaimer on your home page and product or service documentation is an excellent way of doing that.
  2. You may not incorporate the word MULDIS into the name or logo of your website, business, product or service; but see points 4 thru 6 for limited exceptions to this.
  3. You may use the word MULDIS only in descriptions of your website, business, product or service to provide accurate information to the public about yourself.
  4. If you have made a language variant or extension based on the Muldis D language, then the fully qualified machine readable name of your work may, and in fact should, use the base name Muldis_D as per naming conventions described in the VERSIONING documentation of the official Muldis D language spec.
  5. The Perl package primary namespace Muldis:: is reserved for the official works of Muldis Data Systems (or works of third parties having explicit permission to use it). If you have made a variant or extension of any Muldis Data Systems work in Perl (such as Muldis::D::RefEng), you may use the MuldisX:: namespace for it as per CPAN conventions, or alternately just use your own distinct brand. The same considerations apply to any secondary or tertiary (etc) namespaces where their ancestor namespaces serve as generic categorizing terms, such as Language:: or Data:: or Net::. For works you make in other programming languages than Perl, you should apply that language's or community's conventional naming practices for distinguishing official works from non-official ones.
  6. If you have made a work or service that interacts with a Muldis Data Systems work or service for any reason, you may use the word MULDIS within the names of the components of your work or service that are involved in said interaction, as long as it is apparent by normal conventions that the word MULDIS is subservient to other parts of the name, such as your own main project name, and that the component is expressly a part of your work; for example, Foo::Storage::Muldis_D_RefEng or Bar::Interface::Muldis_D_RefEng.

If you would like to use the word MULDIS for any other use, please contact Muldis Data Systems and we'll discuss a way to make that happen. Assuming that you agree that our rights to the MULDIS trademark are valid and superior to yours, and that you take appropriate steps to ensure that people don't confuse you with us, then we should be able to make things work out. If you've already started using the word MULDIS in a way that would require permission, don't panic, but please contact us.

Copyright © 2007-2015, Muldis Data Systems, Inc.
MULDIS and MULDIS MULTIVERSE OF DISCOURSE are trademarks of Muldis Data Systems, Inc.

Muldis Data Systems is not affiliated with Muldis Consultants & Engineers (, which has its own distinct MULDIS trademark.