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Muldis Data Systems creates best of breed computer database software for all modern computer platforms that is applicable to a wide variety of tasks, doing many of those tasks better than any competition, while being more affordable and easy to use.


Muldis' current product line consists of just software components that other developers can embed in their applications, and are not intended to be directly used by non-programmers. However, subsequent additions to the line are expected within a few years, that are full applications, intended for use by the general public.

All current Muldis products are Free/Liberated and Open Source Software, and all future ones are anticipated to be as well. This means you have the freedom to use the software for any purpose, to examine its source code, change it, and redistribute it. One benefit of this is that anyone is legally allowed to provide full support and improvements for the software, and it is not tied to a single vendor that might disappear or ignore your needs, meaning less risk for you; you also have the most flexibility to customize the software to your needs.

Muldis Data Language

Muldis Data Language (MDL) is a programming language that focuses on relational databases but is also suitable for general purpose applications. Co-developed with this are: Muldis Object Notation (MUON), Muldis Service Protocol (MUSE), and Muldis Reference Engine. These are all currently under development.

Read more about Muldis Data Language here.


Set::Relation is a relation data type for Perl. It provides an early working proof of concept of some Muldis Data Language features, meaning relation values and relational operators. Using this you can do directly with Perl data what you'd otherwise often use a SQL DBMS for. A working version has already been released, and is considered to be alpha quality.

For more: (DOC, CPAN, GitHub).


Muldis Data Systems offers full support services for its product line, as well as custom development to meet your needs, all at negotiable rates. As this comes straight from the creators, who know their work best, you should get superior quality for your money.

In-person consulting and custom development services are available in the general area of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Contact one of the company staff below (email addresses are for more information.


Muldis Data Systems was founded by Darren Duncan (email d.duncan@), who is also the creator of the product line. Darren has been developing software regularly since 1994; details can be seen here.

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